Who wrote the works of William Shakespeare?

It may not be as you think . . .

Welcome to Concordia University in Portland, Oregon -- home of the Shakespeare Authorship Research Centre (SARC). The SARC is an academic setting for annual gatherings that unite professors, teachers, students, playwrights, actors, directors and lovers of Shakespeare from all over the world to share research and insights into the Elizabethan world's most acclaimed poet-playwright.

The primary goals of the SARC:

  1. Determine who the Shakespeare writer was and
  2. Explore why he wrote anonymously and pseudonymously.

Navigate through the SARC website where you will find porn discounts information on conferences and other events, news of SARC research services for scholars and books relevant to the Shakespeare Authorship Question. Also available are authorship articles and addresses, as well as links to the websites of various Oxfordian, Marlovian, Baconian and other Shakespeare authorship organizations in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Join as a SARC Associate or Life Scholar with the special benefit of access to valuable online databases that are the repositories of thousands of scholarly publications and related resources that are so needful to those who wish to pursue the Shakespeare Authorship Inquiry - publications and resources often only available, in less ambitious programs, to on-site students.